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Suspension of services in Yantian port

Please note that the port of Yantian in Southern China has been partially closed due to an outbreak of COVID-19. This is already having a major impact on shipping in this region with many vessels being caught up waiting to berth and some carriers are now omitting Yantian altogether to try and maintain their schedule. The current waiting time for vessels to berth is 7 to 8 days and this is expected to be upwards of 12 days in another week and all other ports in the area are heavily congested as shippers and freight companies look to move their cargo from other ports in Shenzhen.

There are numerous issues in play due to this outbreak of COVID-19 with labour resources being reduced by 50% along with quarantine restrictions being put in place and various port areas being closed off for disinfection. Also, some parts of Guangzhou City have been shut down and this is affecting trucking to and from the port as many drivers are restricted to what areas they can travel in.

Below are some links to several notices we’ve received from some of the carriers for your information and we just wanted to prepare you for vessel delays and missed sailings in the next few weeks from Southern China, on top of all the other delays that we’re currently experiencing.

Hamburg Sud update
Maersk update

MUA Industrial actions at Patricks

Unfortunately, the Protected Industrial Action being carried out by the MUA at several Patricks ports around the country is starting to have an impact on their services.

We’ve been advised now that there’s a 3.5 day delay for vessels arriving in Sydney and this is expected to get worse while these work bans remain in place.

Patricks are working on having vessels diverted to other available terminals wherever possible, but this is not always an option as all the other ports are still heavily congested themselves. We’ve also received notification from some carriers advising that they will now have vessels omit Sydney due to expected delays from this industrial action. The ports affected at this stage are Patricks in Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle.

Below is a link to an update we’ve received from our industry body on this matter and hopefully this situation will be resolved very soon, as this could develop into more long delays as well as additional surcharges being applied again

FTA – Patricks PIA
Maersk update


Empty container park fees

We’ve also been advised that the Empty Container Parks have increased their booking fees for the return of empty containers once again. Below are the applicable increases in each state and these additional costs will be included in the Terminal Access – Infrastructure / Bookings fees.

Sydney & Melbourne increase by $30
Brisbane & Fremantle increase by $20.

Source: Commercial Freight & Logistics Pty Ltd