Empowering brands at retail

The goal was to create a pallet display for the PETstock store chain to promote a $2000 Pet Voucher sweepstakes.

Shoppers who purchased 12 or more pouches of cat food (12 pouches per carton) were eligible to win $2000 every week for 9 weeks. The pallet displays, which were launched in PETstock stores across Australia and New Zealand, did a great job of communicating the benefits of feeding a combination of wet and dry to food to cats as well as highlighting the chance to win a weekly gift voucher.

Royal Canin Cat Wet Food Pallet

Some of the key considerations in the design were:

  • Stock holding needed to be maximum 160kg
  • Ability to add stock limiting infills for smaller retailers (reduced stock weight by approximately 30%)
  • Large communication space on the base and the wings.
  • Flat packed and easy to set-up by sales reps or the stores themselves
  • Must be 100% recyclable

The campaign ran for 9 weeks and was recycled at the end of the promotion.