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This is the original PASLODE PALLET HOUSE that we designed with Andrew Davis back in 2016 to roll out into the TOTAL TOOLS and independent tool network across Australia.

The main considerations for the brief were as follows:

  • Reinforce the market leading position of PASLODE with large graphics and brand colours. We also incorporated the truss shape to the sides to reflect the relationship to the building industry,
  • Communicate the features and benefits of the tools to the customer via large graphic panels on the top roof panels. This also carried over to the various consumable items housed on the top areas.
  • Hold tool cases securely on the units. This was achieved by running a metal tube through the side panels and through the handles of the cases. The tube was locked at each end with a padlock.
  • And finally we needed to enable the bottom pallet to be trolleys in and out for re-loading. The nail refill packs in the bottom are heavy and the ability to remove the pallet was an important safety requirement.

The PASLODE PALLET HOUSE was flat packed and delivered to the client warehouse for distribution nationwide

For the following 5 years this design was enhanced and upgraded, culminating in the 2020 version which incorporated “lift and learn” technology and which won two Gold SHOP! Awards. One for the overall design and the other for being best in its category.