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From POPAI (now SHOP!) 2009 / 2010 Award Submission

The concept is based on creating the feeling of being absorbed by the brand. By relaying the existing store racks where possible, we create a tunnel effect completely immersing the customer in the Eukanuba experience. Branding is reinforced with the overhead flags which flow down to illuminated images of healthy, vibrant pets. The pink sheet metal borders on the top shelf are used to neaten the display. Large, snap frame graphics provide impressive communication opportunities and the aisle flags provide category navigation in partnership with the floor mats.

The premium pet food category is a very complex and often confusing category for the shopper. The goal of this design is firstly to draw the customer into the brand using soft curves. Once in the aisle the floor mats and wings help the customer to find the appropriate bay for their pet’s life stage/style.

• Grew share in store by average 15%
• Tier 1 accounts grew at average 108% vs non Tier 1 stores
• Model has been recognised by pet care global as best in class
• Tools aided securing commitment from 61 stores nationally, target was 55 stores (110% of target)

The unit received a GOLD award in its category and also the TOM HARRIS Display of the Year Permanent award and later that year received a GLOBAL Award at a ceremony in Germany.