Empowering brands at retail

At the time of briefing in late 2014, ADVANCE® held a strong position in the dry pet food category across specialty pet retail in Australia. They were seeking to further develop the range of wet food based on proven benefits of feeding your pet a mix of wet and dry food. This off-location unit was designed to provide a permanent location for the wet food products which came in a mix of tins, trays and pouches.

The design also needed to consider that bags of dry food may be displayed on the unit (to promote mixed feeding).

The shelves were designed with the adjustable hooks for flat or angled mounting which enabled products to be gravity fed for front facing. Clear dividers were designed to clip into the metal shelves and give the sales team flexibility for ongoing range changes and POG updates.

The ADVANCE® Wet Food displays were installed by the MARS PETCARE sales team into independent pet and Vet retailers across Australia from 2015 and are still in circulation today.

All graphic panels can be updated to refresh the message and keep the unit looking refreshed and clean.